What is the cost?

EcoStud product cost will vary depending on the product used; Track and Stud, Z-Furring, or Flanged Furring Channel. Pleaes contact your local dealer or EcoStud directly.

What tools do I need?

Homeowners can get by with a level, chaulk line, crosscut hand saw, and a screw driver, but will find a portable or corded drill useful.

Contractors will use a chop saw, table saw, caulking gun, portable drill, drill bits, driver bits, tape measure, felt tip pen. NOTE: While a gas track nailer is the fastest method of attaching studs to masonry it is not as concrete screws can be useful.

What centers are recommended?

Track and Stud 16" centers are recommended.

Flanged Furring Channel used with spray foam insulation 24" centers are recommended for easier application of spray foam insulation.

Z-Furring can be used with 16" or 24" centers.

Do I need top or bottom plates with the Flanged Furring Channel and Z-Furring?

No, most codes require physical attachment to the structure and this is provided with the intergraded nailing flange. See the construction detail page for suggested treament.

How do I finish corners, doors, and windows?

See construction detail pages for recommended treatments.

What type of adhesive should I use?

Any construction adhesive designed to bond plastic, concrete, and wood. Although the following adhesives have been tested by EcoStud LCC: Refer to the test section of the results of the below glue types.

  • OSI QB300
  • OSI SF450
  • PL Premium Polyurethane
  • PL 375
  • Chemlink M-1
  • Chemlink Build Secure
  • Chemlink Wall Secure

What insulation systems can be used with EcoStud?

All standard insulation systems can be used.

Does EcoStud provide a moisture barrier?

Yes, when used with high density spray foam applied closed cell foam.

Can I leave EcoStud exposed?

No, fire codes require a 15 minute fire barrier typically provided by sheet rock. Alternatively they can be coated with an intumescent coating to provide the required barrier.

What fasteners should be used to attach EcoStud to itself?

1/2 needle point screws commonly referred to as zips.

How do I attach outlet or switch boxes?

Use a flanged electrial box and attach with 1/2" needle point screws to the stud.

Do I need to use special screws to hang sheet rock?

For best results, we recommend using a #8 coarse thread drywall screw.

Will EcoStud appect trim nails?

Yes, 16 gauge air driven nails will hold trim in place. It is recommended that adhesivesbe used in conjunction with the nails.

Can large appliances be attached directly to EcoStud?

No, where appliances such as flat screen televisions and cabinets are to be hung it is recommended that treated wood filers be used to reinforce the hollow of the stud and long concrete screws be anchored through the stud directly into the block or concrete wall. See construction detail for best practices.

Can EcoStud be used for interior walls?

Yes, although we recommend using wood filters inside the EcoStud around doorways for added strength.

Does EcoStud meet code?

Yes, however the Contractor or Homeowner is responsible for obtaining local code approval.

What LEED data do you provide?

The LEED Data page reviews the many LEED categories that EcoStud can qualify for.